Nanny Poppins Children



UPDATE: Nanny Poppins' Children closed in August 2016.

Nanny Poppins' Children is a playgroup* nestled in a beautiful log cabin in Lower Parkwood, Johannesburg, run by a great team of experienced people whose love for children translates into every child being cared for by those who are passionate about childcare, in an educatonally nurturing environment, and all of whom are First Aid Level 1 trained.


The playgroup has two playrooms, each room accommodating 15 children. Children are encouraged to participate in numerous activities daily, all of which encourage the five areas of child development:

physical health, well being and movement skills - designed to develop child's large (gross motor) and small (fine motor) muscle control, co-ordination and overall fitness

approaches to learning- children differ in how they manage challenges and new tasks, and the activities spark a child's interest, curiosity, attention and increase their ability to concentrate - a positive approach in learning creates a platform for success in school

social and emotional development - enhancing a child's ability to interact with both children and adults, to recognize and express feelings more effectively, to experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others

thinking abilities and general knowledge - discussions help a child work out how the world works and will increase problem-solving capabilities and abstract thinking

communication, language and literacy -these activities help children learn to express himself and to understand what others say

Extra-murals include Clamber Club (, Junior Jive ( and Playball ( On a daily basis, age-appropriate creative activities are available to the children, encouraging a fun and stimulating environment.  

From indoors to outdoors, the children step into a lovely garden and play area. There is a variety of outside equipment, including a climb and slide, jungle gyms and swing sets, a sand pit and trampolines, as well as a separate area for the children to ride scooters on.

 Whether it rains or shines, the children are very busy learning whilst having fun!

At Nanny Poppins' Children we believe that sticking to a routine and structure is important for a child’s sense of security. However, we work around what is best for the children and appropriate for the day, taking into account the weather and other factors.

General drop-off is between 8:00 and 9:15.  When the children arrive, there is supervised “free” indoor and outdoor play, and toilet routine (potty training and nappy changing).  For the older group, fine motor activities and other toys are put out early each morning for them to engage in. The younger group start fine motor activities at 9.30am.


Ring time is next, and the children partake in a number of songs and rhymes, discussions around the weekly theme, as well as interactive chats about the weather, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colours, shapes and the alphabet.

During the course of the morning, supervised creative activities are on offer for the children to express themselves through different arts and crafts. There is music playing all the time, and children are encouraged to dance, to participate and to enjoy. Singing is from 11:30 - 11:40, and story time is until 11:50, whereafter children have an opportunity to 'read' their own stories, before the 'Goodbye' song to end the playgroup morning at midday.

At an additional cost, facilities include an early drop off (7:30 - 8:00) and aftercare (12pm – 2pm) service, as well as Nanny Poppins' Children Transfer Services, which is available to transfer your children in the morning and afternoon. 

 Nanny Poppins' Children Transfer Services

Nanny Poppins' Children Transfer Services website:

Please look at the website above for further information on the transfer service.

At Nanny Poppins' Children friends are made and bonds are formed.

Within close proximity to Nursery and Primary Schools, Nanny Poppins' Children  is the best choice you can
make for your little one.

* Please note that Nanny Poppins' Children is a playgroup and not a nursery school.